Koehler & Company's objectives are focused on proactive tax planning to maximize benefits to our clients and minimize the taxes that must be paid. We provide a full range of tax preparation services for individuals, S corporations, C corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies, estates, and trusts. Each return is meticulously reviewed to evaluate the potential for IRS audit, to ensure that deductions are consistent with applicable tax laws and regulations, and to make certain that the taxpayer has taken advantage of all opportunities for deductions. With our experience and expertise, it ensures that your tax returns are prepared accurately.

Koehler & Company will assist you in the preparation of delinquent tax returns and dealing with the Internal Revenue Service. We provide representation before the IRS in connection with an audit or examination of your tax return. With over twenty six years of experience, we know the issues that are likely to be raised in an audit and can focus on the proper responses to their questions and interrogations. With extensive experience in dealing with the Examination Division of the IRS, we can help resolve your issues promptly and effectively. We have experience in dealing with Trust Fund Recovery Penalties (relating to delinquent payroll taxes) and can assist in negotiating a settlement of liabilities. Having worked with the Collection Division of the IRS, we know the issues that get raised and the strategies of the IRS. We can make sure your rights are protected. We have developed strategic relationships with attorneys experienced in litigation and other positioning necessary when dealing with the IRS. We can help make sure the IRS is within their legal grounds for actions they may take against you. 

Koehler & Company provides a wide array of financial services. Services offered include compiled financial statements, and other agreed upon procedures. Typical monthly or quarterly services including payroll tax return processing, computerized check writing, bookkeeping, and overall financial consulting.

We can assist you with accounting tasks as basic as bank reconciliations to complex business valuations. We have a great deal of experience in working with computerized accounting software and can assist you in the installation, setup, technical support and training of QuickBooks accounting software. Having made over two hundred installations, we have the experience in customizing the software for your specific business needs. Furthermore, our experience with Quickbooks will provide opportunities for increased efficiencies in your accounting functions. These include computer-printed checks and deposit, automated bank and credit card reconciliations, and real-time reporting.


Let us meet with you to review your financial situation and help you to develop a realistic budget. Our firm uses custom-developed models, we can evaluate the performance of your securities broker to get the "real" rate of return on your investments. While we do not make specific investment recommendations on what securities to invest in, we will evaluate your portfolio and assist you in holding appropriate investments in light of your age and retirement objectives.

Koehler & Company can help you evaluate your retirement needs and can assist you in planning your finances so that you will have sufficient funds available to comfortably retire. We also can review your will and estate plans to ensure your wishes are carried out and that your estate taxes are minimized. 



Koehler & Company prides itself on being intimately involved in our clients businesses. Our philosophy is quite simple, to become thoroughly familiar with a client's operations so that, on a year-round basis, we can act as business advisors to management in order to assist them in achieving their goals and objectives.

Our firm will assist you in developing proper personnel practices and procedures. We will also educate you on proper hiring and firing practices, issues surrounding employee versus independent contractor classification, employment agreements, and other general labor matters. We have a working relationship with an experienced labor attorney for consultation and to help your business from claims and allegations by former employees.

Our staff will work with you in order to develop an effective business plan and financial forecasts and models. An effective business plan and a competent CPA can help you to make future business decisions with confidence, as in "buy or lease" decisions, negotiations involving loans and loan packages, determining financial ramifications or purchasing a building, and other important long-term decisions. You will have the added security of knowing you have our one-on-one personal expertise walking along side of you in each of your business decisions or endeavors.

Among our vast array of services, Koehler & Company will assist in negotiations for the purchase or sale of a business. This includes many considerations such as purchase price allocation, stock versus asset sale, tax consequences, cash flow analysis, and many more considerations. One should never purchase a business without proper consultation with a Certified Public Accountant.